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I mean this literally, there are not words to explain how last night was…magical, perfection, stunning, etc. Thad and I both have been commenting on how it almost got awkward the number of guest coming up and expressing that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. And lots of them have been to some “sure nuff” throw downs.

You are amazing.  I just regrouped her at the house after getting everyone on the road or a plane. That all this “stuff” was here before we arrived back at house still has me baffled!!Everything you told me not to worry about…worked out perfectly!!!!
From the food (perfectly amazing) to the weather.I am just sitting with coffee looking at the marsh and reliving it all.You are darn good at what you do!!!!You, my new friend, are beyond amazing.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Hey Caroline!
Thanks again for everything you did for our wedding. It was absolutely wonderful and I can’t even tell you how many people said that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Savannah was such a hit and the venues were magical. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything left to take care of now that we are back. Thanks!



Good Morning Ladies,
I just wanted to say thank you for taking my simple and romantic vision and making it come alive. I have never been a “pay for what you get” type of person because the most important things in life are priceless. My dad said… This was not a great wedding it was perfect!!! I am not sure he has ever said anything was perfect!!! Love was in the air and everyone felt it. Matt and I are truly blessed to have such amazing friends and family. We thank you for making sure that our day was on schedule and that all of our guests were happy!! It was a stress free day.


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I just wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for making last weekend run so smoothly, I truly felt at ease the whole day and for that, I’m grateful to you. It was my dream wedding.



Hi Caroline! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to see our wedding featured on Style Me Pretty! I remember looking at that blog when I was first engaged and thinking, how will I ever have a wedding as pretty as these weddings? Well of course the answer was CAROLINE CARTER!
Looking at the pictures just reminds me and Jason what a beautiful and stress-free day it was. Thanks to you we didn’t have to worry about anything and it was fantastic! Our friends and family were blown away. Thank you for creating beautiful memories for me, Jason, and our friends and family!



Hi Guys!

You all were completely amazing! Everyone keeps talking about how much fun they had and I cannot thank you enough.


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Thank you so much for such a spectacular wedding. We had the most fantastic time and everything was beautiful. We really appreciate all of your efforts and I didn’t have to think of a thing that day to do but enjoy everything.



Mandy and Brad
“It has been a year since the wedding and I was just letting you know that people are still talking about it to this day. I am so glad I had you there though all the crazy stuff!! Thank you again for the most wonderful day ever!!!



I want to thank you personally for all your help leading up to and during the wedding weekend. Everything turned out beautifully and ran so smoothly, and I truly appreciate you both keeping us on track throughout the day and for keeping me sane! Thank you for making my dream wedding possible and taking care of all the details so that Shawn and I could fully enjoy our wedding day! I can’t believe it’s all over already, when everyone tells you how quickly it goes by they really aren’t exaggerating. I wish I could do it all over again!

It was a pleasure working with you both, and I wish Caroline Carter Events great success in the future!